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souta kiln arita
Souta Kiln is based in Arita, Saga prefecture in Japan,
and making their original porcelain table ware.
Japanese porcelain was born in Arita more than 400 years ago,
and it is one of the biggest porcelain industrial area in Japan.
The tableware made in Arita town, is called “Aritayaki”.

souta kiln arita  

Souta kiln's porcelains are meticulously made in the traditional Aritayaki method,
but the products fit our modern lifestyle because of its original design.
At present, only few companies still employ painting technique
in a realistic drawing by hand in the Aritatyaki style.
We invent an original design, the form as well as the traditional technique.
Therefore, we believe that you may feel the handmade warmth
and good quality when using our tableware.

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souta kiln arita  

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